Wallands School, Gundreda Road,
Lewes, BN7 1PU
Opens at 09:00, closes at 09:45

Landport Bottom, Lewes
Lat/Long: 50.881551, -0.008193
10:00 sharp (FULL Marathon)
10:15 (RELAY/ Dogs)


Respect the distance, the terrain, the countryside and your fellow trail-users at all times. We cross and run on roads for short sections of the race from Southease onwards.


If you need specific nutrition, supplements or medical supplies, carry them with you. If you need to access specific supplies along the route, please arrange for a friend or relative to meet you on the course. Many points on the route are accessible by road.

MARSHALS: Please observe our gorgeous, purple-clad marshals at all times. The course will be sign-posted using our Purple Arrow Logo and we have some runners wearing official tabards to sign as they run. 

IF YOU NEED TO STOP/ DROP OUT please report to a marshal. Some sections after halfway have access to roads. We have first aid responders (SMS) on the course.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: In the event of an emergency during the race itself, our race director Duncan Rawson is on 07834 337346. This is for emergencies only and where we need to arrange immediate action to address.

BIKES: We have several bikes on the course. An advanced bike will go ahead to check the route. Lead bikes will set off with the runners. These will dovetail to stay with/close to the lead runners. A tail-gunner will follow back-markers, looking out for injured runners and collecting course markers. Be nice to our bikers.

WATER STATIONS: There will be water stations as listed in RACE DETAILS

Water will be served in open plastic cups. Bin bags will be placed at/just after water stations – please use them if you can. Our marshals will pick up any strays once you’ve passed through.

CARRY WATER/ DRINKS/ ENERGY GELS/ SWEETS with you. There are long sections between water stations. You can top up water bottles at water stations and at South Downs YHA (at Southease).

PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. This entire course is run through a National Park. Please respect the countryside. Leave only footprints (and the occasional wee), stay OFF private property, take only memories, photos and your empty packets/bottles.

COURSE MAP: There is a link to our interactive Google Map via www.themoyleman.comWe will have a large O/S map, course marked, on display at registration.

BAD WEATHER POLICY: We will take all possible steps to ensure the event can go ahead safely in the event of bad weather – which can in mid-March include sub-zero wind chill, snow and ice. In the event of poor weather, we will notify all runners about planning decisions and mitigating actions advised to runners. In the event of cancellation, which can take place up to the start of the event, the decision of the Race Director is final and in making such a decision takes account of the safety of runners, marshals and volunteers. 

REFRESHMENTS: Hannah’s Van will be stationed at the entrance to Wallands, selling excellent coffee, tea, croissants and other snacks. Please bring funds for this! Free beer and pizza tokens will be handed out at the finish. We have ale from Harveys, coffee and tea from Hannah’s Van and freshly made pizza from Circa Events. Non-runners will also be able to buy beer at the finish. 

CAR PARKING: Spaces are strictly limited – there are plenty of free spaces at County Hall, 5 minutes down the road (access via Western Road, opposite the Pelham Arms).

BAG DROP: There will be two bag drop areas at the start. All bags are dropped/transported at owner’s risk. PLEASE MARK YOUR OWN BAG so you can identify it on collection. We accept no responsibility for safety of valuables of any description. One: van will go to the finish at Harveys Yard. Two: car will go to South Downs YHA. This is for Relay Part One runners (see RELAY RUNNERS below). There will be safety pins available at the start.

BRIEFING: a short runners briefing will be delivered in the hall at 09:50 so that our Race Director doesn’t mess his hair up too much.

RELAY RUNNERS: After the race briefing, second half runners should proceed to the halfway point at South Downs YHA, Itford Farm, Beddingham, Lewes BN8 6JS.  Rail replacement BUS TO Southease Church leave Lewes station at 10:35, 11:05, 11:35, 12:05 etc and takes appx 9 minutes to Southease Church (10 mins from Halfway point). Lewes station is 20 min downhill stroll from start. 

Part One runners finish at YHA. NB: There is a café, warm shelter and WC at South Downs YHA. We also have free physio at halfway this year (2019). Bag Drop vehicle TWO will be here with your bags. The YHA café is putting on extra coffee and hot sandwiches.  Rail replacement bus service LEAVES Southease Church at 6 minutes and 31 minutes past the hour. PLEASE NOTE: you pass this on the first half route, do complete the half to YHA! We had someone hop straight on a train once. The finish is a 10 minute hobble from Lewes station. 

TIMING: we will have a dedicated timing team on the course, checking race numbers and recording individual times. We are using stop-watches – no chip timing

SPECTATORS: There are some great spots where friends and family can watch the runners. Here are a few, accessible by road or public transport:

– South Downs YHA – half way (café, parking, train station, WC)

– Firle Car Park (on top of Firle just before the Beacon) – around 16 miles

– The Trevor Arms, Glynde Village (pub CLOSED, train station, WC) – around 23 miles

– Cliffe High Street, Lewes (near the finish)

FINISH LINE. The finish line is at the entrance to Harveys Yard (back entrance via North Court/ Harveys Way). This will be clearly marked. Repatriate with friends and family, receive your commemorative finisher’s gift and free beer/food/physio tokens, grab your gear bag from the bag-drop van, visit the physio or just wrap yourself in a foil blanket and sob. Harvey’s will also be selling beer in the yard this year as well as free pint for runners. 

There is a big car park next to Harveys Yard.

PHOTOGRAPHY: we will have a number of official photographers and filming across the course. Pictures will be available for personal use once we add them to our Flickr pages. 

This is a tough, hilly race across a variety of surfaces.

We know you know, we just wanted to say it one more time, just in case.

Plan well and enjoy the day.

Duncan Rawson

Race Director, Moyleman: The Lewes Marathon