moyleman 2020: advice on covid-19

Moyleman going ahead Sunday 15 March

This is to share our current approach to operating the run in relation to managing Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) risks.
Our best understanding is that UK government is not asking small-scale gatherings such as the Moyleman to stop, and attending this event would not add to the risk of infection transmission we all encounter in day-to-day life.
We therefore plan to go ahead with the Moyleman race on Sunday, unless there is emergency Government advice in the coming days to stop such events. 
However, we are putting in place mitigation measures.  These will include:

  • We will aim to have supplies of handwash/sanitiser at the start (Wallands) and at the end (Harveys Yard);
  • If you are feeling unwell on the day, please consider not attending the run;
  • We will hold the runners’ pre-race briefing outside at the race start, rather asking everyone to gather in the school hall;
  • We will hold the number issuing (8:30am to 9:30am) in the separate dining hall (same main entrance to access), to allow more space to spread out; 
  • We will discourage handshakes or unnecessary physical contact. (Our Race Director may forbear from hugging at the finish!)  

NB In the hopefully very unlikely event that we are not able to operate the run on Sunday due to government advice or action, we would assess what reasonable steps we can take – including seeking to defer the event to later in 2020 rather than cancelling.
We hope that all goes ahead smoothly – and your final days of tapered prep, rest and fuelling go well.