Final advice from Race Director: 16:35, Saturday 17th March

Dear Moyleman Runner

The Moyleman team have been out today marking the course ready for tomorrow. Unless conditions deteriorate overnight and the forecast becomes worse than expected, we’re very pleased to say that it is our judgement that the event will be able to take place.

We will review the position first thing in the morning (by 7:30am) to ensure this remains the case. If circumstances change, an email will be sent out and social media updated.

However, please don’t underestimate how demanding the conditions are. The Moyleman team are pretty seasoned runners who know the terrain extremely well. We experienced the conditions on the top of the Downs today as harsh, with strong and very cold northeasterly winds. The windchill effect is forecast to be minus 8 degrees, making running very uncomfortable in the exposed sections that are found all around the course. Moreover, there are parts of the run that are remote from immediate road access, making it slow to get off the course should you need to.

We are therefore strongly recommending to all runners that you wear a hat, gloves, neckwear and have multiple layers of clothing, including a jacket. We would advise that you don’t run in shorts. We would also suggest that any solo runners might consider teaming up with others as you go round the course, rather than running wholly on your own.

Can we ask that all runners come to Wallands School for 9am to 9:30am for the pre-race briefing so we can ensure everyone is aware of conditions and safety.

Remember, just getting round the Moyleman is a challenge in itself. Tomorrow will not be about times, it’s about taking care of yourselves and each other.

If anyone does not wish run in these conditions, we are happy to defer your place to 2019.

Lastly, can we remind you that it is your responsibility to make sure you can travel to and from the race safely.

We hope to see you all tomorrow, for what we sincerely hope will be a successful and memorable Moyleman 2018.

With kind regards


(Race Director)